Ian Krishanu Hajra

Hi there! 👋

My name is Ian Hajra and I am a 20 year old sophomore at Brown University. I recently began working with the ATLAS Research Group where I am improving the portability and usability of the PaSh ecosystem. My academic and professional interests lie in the intersections of applied math and computer science and in the construction of computer systems.

I love to


Over the last few years, I have completed a number of school projects. Stay tuned for several independent personal projects that will be featured soon.


Undergraduate Student Researcher

ATLAS Research Group at Brown University
Nov 2023 - Present

Member of the Brown University ATLAS Group. Improving the portability and usability of the PaSh ecosystem.

Supervises cabin of 10-15 high-school students with one other counselor. Plans and runs musical sectionals of 10-15 students, coaching and running auditions. Instructs ranks of 6-8 students in marching band fundamentals.

Camp Counselor

Community High Jazz
Aug 2023

Supervised students at a musical day camp. Led music fundamentals classes ranging for 10-40 students. Helped lead and facilitate other portions of camp.

Assisted in management of Faber Piano Adventures and Scores of Music stores, helped instructors begin to utilize MyMusicStaff. Managed distribution of donated music scores throughout Ann Arbor.


Southeast Michigan
Mar 2019 - Aug 2023

Hired to perform at local and community events as a jazz pianist and organist. Frequently the bandleader for such events.


Brown University

Sc. B. Applied Mathematics - Computer Science Candidate (GPA: 4.0/4.0)
Sep 2022 - Present (Expected Graduation May 2026)

Undergraduate Courses:

  • CSCI 1515: Applied Cryptography
  • CSCI 0330: Introduction to Computer Systems
  • CSCI 0200: Program Design with Data Structures and Algorithms
  • CSCI 0150: Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming and Computer Science
  • MATH 0200: Multivariable Calculus
  • MATH 1530: Abstract Algebra
  • MATH 0520: Linear Algebra
  • APMA 0350: Applied Ordinary Differential Equations
  • APMA 1650: Statistical Inference I
  • ENGN 0030: Introduction to Engineering

Pioneer High School

Concurrently Enrolled High School, Graduated with Honors (GPA: 3.99/4.0)
Sep 2018 - May 2022

AP Courses:

  • AP Calculus BC
  • AP Computer Science A
  • AP Macroeconomics
  • AP Microeconomics
  • AP Government
  • AP United States History

Community High School

Concurrently Enrolled High School
Sep 2018 - May 2022